VS Series

These are moderate reactivity and low substantive dyes having vinyl sulphone reactive group. The salient features of these dyes are:

  • Suitable for wide range of application methods such as exhaust dyeing, pad-batch dyeing, continuous dyeing and printing.
  • Excellent dischargability on dyed grounds and therefore most recommended for white discharge printing.
  • Very popular for one bath cold pad-batch (silicate) process which is most economical and easy application method.
  • Very economical dyes particularly for black and green (combination) shades.
  • Most suitable for Resist printing with MCT Reactive “P” printing dyes under vinyl sulfone dyed ground shade.


Color Shade
Product Name
Color Index No.
Reactive Yellow GR
Reactive Yellow 15
Reactive Golden Yellow RNL
Reactive Orange 107
Reactive Red 5B Reactive Red 35
Reactive Red RB
Reactive Red 198
Reactive Turquoise Blue G
Reactive Blue 21
Reactive Brilliant Blue BB
Reactive Blue 220
Reactive Navy Blue RGB Reactive Blue 250
Reactive Black B Reactive Black 5
Reactive Black WNN Reactive Black Mixture