P Series

These are monochlorotriazine reactive dyes having low substantivity and low to medium reactivity. The salient features of these dyes are:

  • Good solubility in water.
  • Very good storage stability.
  • Good build-up and reproducibility.
  • Brilliant shades having wide shade range and outstanding compatibility.
  • Good washing-off and fastness properties.
  • Specially suitable for printing on cotton and regenerated cellulosic fibres with various fixation methods.
  • Highly suitable for continuous dyeing on cellulosic fibres and dyeing polyester  / cellulose blends.
  • Most suitable for reactive on reactive resist prints on vinyl sulfone reactive dyed grounds.

Printing on Cotton Fabric:

Color Shade
Product Name
Color Index No.
Reactive Yellow P4G
Reactive Yellow 18
Reactive Yellow P6G
Reactive Yellow 95
Reactive Orange P2R
Reactive Orange 13
Reactive Golden Yellow PR
Reactive Orange 12
Reactive Orange P2R
Reactive Orange 13
Reactive Red PB Reactive Red 24
Reactive Red P6B Reactive Red 218
Reactive Red P4B
Reactive Red 245
Reactive Red P8B
Reactive Red 31
Reactive Blue P3R
Reactive Blue 49
Reactive Brown P6R
Reactive Brown 11
Reactive Black PN
Reactive Black 8