HE Series

These are high exhaustion, high fixation reactive dyes having double anchor reactive system of monochlorotriazine type. The salient features of these dyes are:

  • Low reactivity, more substantivity, high exhaustion and high fixation.
  • Excellent build-up in high as well as low liquor ratios.
  • Excellent reproducibility, batch to batch.
  • High tinctorial value & hence are economical.
  • Good general fastness properties.
  • Due to suitability of dyeing at high temperature 80-850 C, possess good diffusion and leveling properties.
  • Wide applicability on yarn, piece material, loose stock, garments and blends.
  • Wide choice of machineries/equipments for dyeing to suit particular application & substrate.
  • Excellent self life on storage.


Color Shade
Product Name
Color Index No.
Reactive Yellow HE4R
Reactive Yellow 84
Reactive Yellow HE6G
Reactive Yellow 135
Reactive Orange HER
Reactive Orange 84
Reactive Red HE3B
Reactive Red 120
Reactive Red HE7B
Reactive Red 141
Reactive Blue HERD
Reactive Blue 160
Reactive Navy Blue HER (150%)
Reactive Blue 171 (150%)
Reactive Blue HEGN
Reactive Blue 198