Bi Functional

These are high exhaustion, high fixation dyes having combined anchor reactive system of vinyl sulphone group linked to Monochlorotriazine group. The salient features of these dyes are:

  • Application at 60 ˚C for exhaust dyeing.
  • Good all round fastness properties.
  • Excellent leveling & reproducible dyeings.
  • High stability to acid hydrolysis.
  • Very good build-up properties in high to low liquor ratios.
  • Good stability towards alkali.
  • Suitable for pad batch processes.
  • Very less sensitive to ±10% varying material to liquor ratio, dyeing temperature and salt-alkali concentration.
  • Short wash-off process which saves water and energy and results in lower waste water load.
  • Compatible to dye together with vinyl sulphone dyes.


Color Shade
Product Name
Color Index No.
Reactive Golden Yellow MERL
Reactive Yellow 145A
Reactive Yellow ME4GL
Reactive Yellow 186
Reactive Orange ME2RL
Reactive Orange 122
Reactive Red ME4BL
Reactive Red 195A
Reactive Red ME6BL
Reactive Red 250
Reactive Scarlet Red BF2G
Reactive Red 222
Reactive Navy Blue MEBL
Reactive Blue 222
Reactive Brilliant Blue MEBRF
Reactive Blue 221
Reactive Black GR
Reactive Black GR